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UMD Disorientation Guide 2020

A disorientation guide is a publication created, published, and printed by college activist communities across the country. The University of Maryland Disorientation Guide aims to provide a critical perspective to how the university operates and offer resources and candid reflections to help students engage in issues of identity, justice, solidarity, and organizing. 

As the publication leverages student's collective knowledge and fears and dreams to help new students navigate the University of Maryland with clarity and support, I worked with editor Linda Kuo to develop a cover for the publication that embodies the candid reflections of students in this publication. When working on the illustration for the guide, I worked on capturing the diversity of the university as well as the vulnerability of the students at hand.

View the publication here.

Service: Illustration

Tools: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop

Disorientation guide sketch.jpg
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