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About Me


I am a 2021 University of Maryland graduate who studied Marketing and Strategic Design. 

Currently, I working at the Tokushima Board of Education as an English educator in the JET (Japan Exchange Teaching) Program. 

Outside of work, I run a social media account about life in Japan and learning languages that has accumulated over 50k followers on Tiktok and 25k on Instagram. 

Through social media, I have had the opportunity to create marketing materials for brands such as Express VPN and Japarcana Towels. 


現在、徳島県教育委員会のJETプログラム(Japan Exchange Teaching)で英語教育者として働いています。


SNSを通じて、Express VPNやJaparcanaなどのブランドのマーケティング資料を作成する機会に恵まれました。

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