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The Diamondback Case

The Diamondback is an independent news publication based in College Park, Maryland. For this case competition, my team and I were tasked with reinforcing brand awareness, targeted the freshmen class of the University of Maryland, and increasing the subscription to the newsletter and follower account on Instagram.

I illustrated and prototyped creative assets in a campaign targeted at UMD Freshmen. To engage the client’s intended audience, I created a campaign called “Freshman Fearless” which utilized students’ awareness of UMD’s slogans (Fearless Ideas and Fear the Turtle) to encourage the freshman students to submit their “Fearless” stories to be published in the opinion section. In the end, my team’s advertising pitch was awarded runner-up in the case competition.

Services: Illustration, Social Media, 

Tools: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Google Slides

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