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UMCP Taiwanese American Student Association

The Taiwanese American Student Association at the University of Maryland, also known as TASA, founded in 2014m had been using the same logo for 6 years. By the end of the 2018-2019 school year, the organization had attempted to sell merchandise with the logo and Taiwanese country flag. However, pre-orders for merchandise did go through due to the disappointment members had with the design-primarily the outdated logo.

As the PR and Graphic Design Chair of the club for 2019-2020, I took initiative to create a new logo that members could feel their Taiwanese and American roots better represented in. During the creative process, I experimented with different ways to incorporate Taiwan into the logo by exploring themes such as Taiwanese architecture, plants, and animals. Finally, I decided to use a mix of Chinese and English fonts and elements of Chinese calligraphy in the design.

Design Process

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