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Brandywine Zoo

Mobile app design and prototype for Brandywine Zoo, a small zoo located in Wilmington, Delaware.

The following is a project for an advanced computer graphics course at the University of Maryland.

The Problem

Currently, Brandywine Zoo does not have an app, but it has some features that would be very helpful if an app was made. For example, the zoo has a membership program that allows people to come in for free after paying an annual or bi-annual donation. An app would make it easier for people to enter the zoo if they have a membership. In addition, an app would be helpful for visitors to see

maps and popular exhibits. Finally, an app would be helpful when announcing special events

that occur at the zoo.

Although all of this can be done by utilizing the Brandywine Zoo website, an app would be much easier to use on the go and especially would be useful for those visiting the zoo.

Specifically, the purpose of this app will  be to provide a few things helpful for parents and children when coming to the zoo.


Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 4.07.39 PM.png

Ideation + Information Architecture

When coming up with an idea for the app, it was important that the app would help provide a fuss-free experience at the zoo. This would mean including certain functions such as a map, coloring "book", a photobook, map, and a calendar for special events. Then, I took these functions and organized them into an intuitive layout in the information architecture.



Mobile app prototype with 15 screens.

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